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Creating Customer Urgency

What’s the slowest time of year for your business? For many of us, it’s the “Dog Days of Summer”. Yet for one company, it’s the absolute busiest time.

This company whips their customers into a feeding frenzy to buy, and there’s no seasonal reason for it. The customer urgency is 100% manufactured. How?

Weapons of Mass Confusion

Most I.T. proposals are boring and ineffective.  Filled with industry jargon and eye-glazing detail, they practically dare your customer to wait & “think about it”.
Here are some ways to cure this problem.

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Earning What You are Worth?

Have you ever noticed that the best salespeople often don’t earn the most money?   And have you ever seen highly successful salespeople who are shockingly bad at a key sales fundamental?
Why isn’t there a stronger correlation between sales skill and success?  Here are the reasons…..

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