Mike in a meeting, workshop cropped smaller docAre you looking for unique breakout sessions that increase your attendance? Mike Schmidtmann teaches innovative, results-driven ways of addressing sales challenges that are filled with fresh ideas and practices. There are many different sessions to choose from and Mike can customize a session for your specific needs. Mike’s educational seminars are engaging, entertaining, and filled with practical information.

Entertaining Business Education for Conference Attendees

Mike provides entertaining, effective business education and leading sales practices to conference attendees and motivates his audiences. These leading-edge ideas and practices deliver unmatched results.

Sessions include:

  • Hot Seats for Audience Participation
  • Games and Prizes
  • Group Exercises and Competitions
  • Handouts & Worksheets

These sessions are always funny, entertaining, and spontaneous. Mike Schmidtmann provides an experience that is interactive, memorable, and significantly beneficial to your organization.

*Hot Topic* Breakout: Winning New Logos

Winning New Logos—Outwork, Outsell & Outwit Your Competition. The most difficult aspect of sales is winning new business. While there may be some Greenfield business in brand new accounts, the vast majority of target customers are already being served by an incumbent vendor.

  • How do you gain a foothold in these accounts?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from all the other competitors and create a compelling reason to change?

This session examines all of the different aspects of new business development, and provides innovative ways of creating new opportunities in new accounts. Attendees will learn various persuasive tools and selling tactics that will lead to new account opportunities. This breakout will cover:

  • Identifying Opportunities in Target Accounts
  • Creating a Differentiating Value Proposition
  • How to Compare and Contrast without Disparagement
  • Overcoming the Incumbent’s Home Court Advantage
  • Gaining Footholds in Large Accounts