Are you ready for the recruiting process? Mike Schmidtmann provides the insight and material you need to conduct successful PastedGraphic-2 Mikesinterviews. In addition, he can assist you with the decision-making to select the best candidates. Mike prepares you and positions you for success as you build your sales team.

Mike’s recruiting Certification Program teaches, reviews, and certifies your sales leadership on each important skill in the sales recruiting process.

Recruiting Certification Program

Recruiting & On-Boarding Best Practices

Mike Schmidtmann Recruiting Table

This program includes:

  • Talent Rules! DVD Set
  • Personalized Action Plan to Master Each Step and Competency
  • Demonstration, Coaching, and Feedback
  • Collaboration and Coaching on One Complete Hiring Cycle
  • Telephone Support as Needed
  • All Necessary Tools and Templates

A complete hiring cycle typically runs two to three months. This includes attracting, screening, hiring, and on-boarding one or more salespeople. Once this certification process is completed you will have all the tools and skills needed to build an ever-larger elite sales team.