Sales 3.0 – The Past, Present and Future of Sales
Gathering Business Intelligence

IMG_0131Earn the Right to a “C-Level” Conversation. The key to a high-level, executive conversation is the ability to speak authoritatively about issues they really care about. Before you have relevant, impactful meetings—you need to do your homework.

  • What do these executives need to know?
  • What do they need to do to solve problems and pursue new opportunities?

This session prepares salespeople to have the conversations we’ll teach in the Winning New Logos and Selling Business Outcomes Sessions.
Attendees acquire new tools and approaches that will gather the critical business/organizational information that can be used to create new selling opportunities:

  • Research and Analytical Tools to Prepare for Business Conversations
  • How to Identify Revenue and Spending Areas Impacted by I.T. 3. Don’t be Captain Obvious
  • Using the Element of Surprise
  • Sites that Reveal the 80% of the Web Google Doesn’t See
  • A Checklist for Pre-call Preparation

Winning New Logos:  Outwork, Outsell & Outwit Your Competition

The most difficult aspect of sales is winning new business. While there may be some Greenfield business in brand new accounts, the vast majority of target customers are already being served by an incumbent vendor.

  • How do you gain a foothold in these accounts?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from the other competitors and create a compelling reason to change?

This session examines all of the different aspects of new business development, and shows innovative ways of creating new opportunities in new accounts.

Attendees will learn a variety of persuasive tools and selling tactics that will lead to new account opportunities:

Identifying Opportunities in Target Accounts

  • Creating a Differentiating Value Proposition
  • How to Compare & Contrast without Disparagement
  • Overcoming the Incumbent’s Home Court Advantage
  • Gaining Footholds in Large Accounts

Selling Business Outcomes

The Hottest Topic in Sales.  As Partners struggle to win new logos, increase margins, and sell more services, they are encountering an increasingly competitive market that makes growth difficult. Savvy MSP blogcustomers are negotiating rock-bottom prices for products and professional services.

Attendees will learn ways to adapt—not replace—their current selling approach to have more relevant conversations with higher-level executives.

This session reviews the important components of Business-Outcome selling:

  • Important Business Drivers for Each Organization or Business
  • Decision-Making and Buying Influences
  • How to Identify Critical Key Performance Indicators KPLs of Each Business Unit and Department
  • 5 Questions You Need to Ask in Every Strategic Conversation
  • Monetizing the Problem, Solution, and Outcome to Create Urgency

Selling High Value Solutions

“Wow! I thought it was a simply brilliant sales meeting! Thanks again for the presentation advice and advanced intellect. Moreover, can you please forward the slides; so we can utilize as sales tools moving forward.”

Nicholas Romano
Account Manager - NACS
Black Box Network Services
Denver, CO

“I can say, with conviction, that Mike was an excellent speaker at Navigate 2014. He’s been a well-received thought leader by our Partners, and we truly enjoy working with him.”

Jeanne Hopkins
VP of Marketing
Boston, MA