Mike CSP on Stage copy croppedThese essential two-day sessions are led by sales trainer Mike Schmidtmann and seasoned marketing expert Ginger Clay. This program focuses on the new economic climate and how it presents opportunities for your business. It answers the questions:

  • Are you identifying and taking advantage of current opportunities?
  • Are your sales and profits growing to your expectations?

 Training Classes for Sales Managers

These classes teach you how to recruit and retain superstar talent and include the fundamentals of high-performance.

Sales Management for Salespeople

Give your sales team the essential tools they need to be successful. This session addresses:

  • PastedGraphic-1 mike bGathering Business Intelligence
  • Winning New Logos
  • Persuasive Sales Approaches
  • Becoming a Superstar Salesperson
  • Becoming an Expert in Cloud Sales

Do your distributors have the insight necessary to be your effective partner? Sessions for distributors cover:

  • Building Value for Your Dealers
  • Building Your Sales Team for the Future


“Overall the entire event was extremely valuable and packed with actionable advice.”

Doug Demiter
Business Communications Specialists
Cleveland, OH

“Being able to spend time with leaders in my industry was energizing and enlightening. I enjoyed myself very much and found it worthwhile”

Carmen Ey
Tri-Tec Communications
Seattle, WA