Mike believes that most business owners, executives, and salespeople work at a fraction of their capabilities.  What does it take to unlock everyone’s ultimate potential?  Mike has been mentored by several brilliant coaches, and he understands the transformative power of one-on-one coaching.

iphone pix 005Utilizing a structured approach, Mike:

  • Explores and Establishes a Clear Sales Vision
  • Defines Desired Goals and Objectives
  • Identifies Individual Strengths
  • Explores Limiting Habits
  • Identifies Competencies to Improve
  • Develops a Plan of Action that Achieves Corporate Goals while Enhancing the Team Member’s Job Satisfaction

Whereas a training program may have a 10-1 return on investment and an immersive workshop may have a 20-1 return—the goal of one-on-one coaching is a return of 50 to 100 to one on the investment. Dozens of clients will agree that this is the approach that delivers the greatest results.


Schmidtmann—The Ultimate Salesperson

“I was extremely fortunate to have Mike as my mentor. Mike gave me suggestions on how to:

  • Improve my Website and LinkedIn pages
  • Create a more convincing sales pitch
  • Locate the individual in an organization who had the opportunity to contract for my services
  • Keep the momentum of a sale going by scheduling the next call while the prospect was on the phone
  • Make my training more interactive
  • Improve the delivery and content of my Spotlight Speech

Mike was extremely generous with his time. We had both phone and in-person meetings.  He was enthusiastic, positive, and full of suggestions on ways to improve my business.  I want to thank the Academy Dean for selecting Mike as my mentor.”

Nancy Singer
Alexandria, VA

“I am super grateful for the role you played in the process. Thank you for making championing my success. I’ve so enjoyed our mentoring sessions. You are a wealth of knowledge and insights.”

Ann Tardy
Redbank, NJ