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Jan Fox
Speaker and Four-Time Emmy Award Winner and News Anchor


“Everything was perfect considering that we only had two days.”

Martin Laliberte
Rhesus Communications
Montreal, Canada

“Time well spent! Excellent material and knowledge on our business challenges and that’s what made this session valuable for all who attended. Thanks Mike and Ginger!”

Ken McDonald
Smart IP
Toronto, Canada

“I think both Mike and Ginger did an excellent job. Found much food for thought. I will be interested to review the Dropbox to find out how much my mind can retain. The only reason I scored the marketing metrics and ROI lower is because I am not a marketer and our company is a little smaller than some of the others so we do not have staff to facilitate. This is something that I am very interested to discuss with my partner further.”

Craig Kinsley
Horizon Networks
Toronto, Canada

“Great Job Mike and Ginger! I hope to see you in 2017.”

X Empire Communications
Toronto, Canada

“Very interesting and educative workshop with a lot of takeaways.”

Ravindra Yedery
Toronto, Canada

“It was a great use of my two days. Thanks again.”

James Stortz
Toronto, Canada

“Overall we all spent two days. Lots to action and review to make our teams stronger and more effective. Managers and team members equally.”

Pat Vance
Unity Connected
Toronto, Canada

“Was a worthwhile session. Always good to sit back and reflect on what we are doing and even better if it is facilitated by people who can provide valuable feedback—people who have done this themselves. It was also interesting for ShoreTel to sponsor this. Most often vendors are more interested in activities that are very focused on the product. Was at one earlier this year for a competitor and it was so invaluable that it makes ShoreTel stand out in the crowd.”

Paul McDevitt
United Connected
Toronto, Canada

“The teamwork was great. You have obviously worked together in the past. Enjoyed the back and forth from Sales to Marketing which stressed that you can’t have one without the other. Lots to think about—definitely need a beer or two to digest and organize my thoughts.”

Marshall Anderson
Altitude Communications
Calgary, Canada

“This was really worthwhile! It was not what I was expecting going in. I am glad I took the time for this as I usually wouldn’t. Mike was great, the stories he tells helped me relate and remember specific things about the information he was passing on to us. The real world aspect of it was refreshing. Ginger was awesome, very concise and to the point, she took the time to understand our businesses and how everything relates. It was also nice to see that a lot of companies have the same issues as us, everything can be improved and I feel extremely optimistic after attending this workshop. I appreciate ShoreTel putting this on for its partners, it really goes above and beyond. “

Jeff Mitchell
On-Target Communications
Toronto, Canada

“A professional delivery of both sales and marketing products. Thanks to the three of you!”

Grant Mitchell
On-Target Communications
Toronto, Canada

“Great session.”

Jamie Davie
Smart IP
Toronto, Canada

“This is great news, Mike!  Proof that good coaching can really help bring a shaky newbie along. Thanks for sharing!”

Gloria Zailskas
Senior Field Marketing Manager—East

“Very valuable! Your presentation was great, as always! I am thinking that for the next cycle of CDW reps we will incorporate the second part of the presentation so they can get the full effect. Lets stay in touch to get that going!”

Meredith Glover
Commercial Sales Associate
Cherry Hill, NJ